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One Day Website Experience?

Your One Day Website Experience?

We understand the importance of time and its value, and our aim is to expedite the process of launching your website without sacrificing quality. Through our One Day Website Experience, you can enjoy a fully customized website design up to 5 pages, all crafted in just a single day.

Here’s What’s Included:

A complete website developed within a single day up to 5 custom web pages, ensuring compatibility with all screen sizes, and ready for sales at day’s end.

  • A website copywriting guide to assist you in crafting the content for your site.
  • A preparatory call before the design day to go over all details.
  • A personalized and responsive website with a maximum of 5 pages.
  • VIP Day Support for entire day immediate assistance.
  • Manual to website training guidance.
  • Two weeks of follow-up support.

In summary, you’ll receive a fully customized, website tailored to your branding and business requirements, ready for generating sales by day’s end. No reliance on templates, no single-page designs; this is the genuine solution that drives substantial transformations for your business.

Investment: $1,500 (Split into 2 payments)

The Process

Here’s How Our Design Process Go Down:
Phase One ( Today)
  • Book your VIP Day
  • Complete Proposal
  • Email Confirmation
  • Pay Initial Deposit (50%)
Phase Two ( Prep Work)
  • Receive Your Welcome Message and Access to Your Trello Board
  • Complete VIP Day Prep Work (Gather Content for your website)
  • Schedule VIP Day + Strategy Call
  • Website Design Prep Call
Phase Three

( Design Day)

  • 10 am Receive your morning surprise
  • WordPress Website Design 10am- 4pm
  • Website Design Revisions 5pm-7pm
  • Launch Your New Website!
Phase Four (Support)
  • 2 Weeks Email Follow-Up Support
  • Access to WordPress Training manuals
  • Show your fancy new site off
  • Make that Money !!

Book Your One Day Website Today

What’s the Investment? Two Payments of $750 ($1,500)
Investment: $1,500 (Split into 2 payments)

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